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       The international trade team of Weihai Kaihua Textile Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the import and export of textile production and international sales for many years since 2003. It has independently called 15 million yuan of working capital, and has more than 40 international trade professionals. The annual export volume is more than 50 million. Dollar. The main products include: 3.5GG, 5GG, 7GG, 12GG, 14GG woven garments of various high-tech raw materials. All export products are produced by the German-made stoll computer horizontal looms and Italian-made computer automatic control high-speed sewing machines. They are tested and tested by European and American quality standards and are fully qualified before they are sold. The products are sold to Europe, America and Japan and other countries and regions. They are favored by consumers and enjoy a certain reputation in the international market.
        All export woven garments are designed and manufactured by our own production enterprise--Weihai Kaihua Textile Co., Ltd. using computerized automatic knitting machine and high-speed sewing machine.

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