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   “Chanon Style” brand clothing is a novel and fashionable weaving and woven women's fashion carefully crafted with high-quality fabrics and high-quality new raw materials.

   The “Chanon Style” brand clothing has a strong design team. At present, there are 7 design teams with the core of the old, middle and high-level designers, with strong design ability and high-end design level. Its design is fashionable and beautiful, keeping up with the trend of the times, creating beautiful aesthetic dress for women from all walks of life to show their personal charm and quality of life.

   "Kaonong style" brand clothing has strong production strength. The brand clothing is purchased by Weihai Kaihua Textile Co., Ltd. from domestic popular, cutting-edge and new raw materials. It is made of Germany's advanced STOLL computerized horizontal looms, computerized automatic high-speed sewing machines and domestic advanced washing and ironing equipment. .

   “Chanon Style” brand clothing has a reliable guarantee system. There are more than 30 marketing personnel, nearly 10 logistics and warehousing managers, 1 set of computerized intelligent warehouse management system software and more than one delivery and transportation vehicles, ensuring the timeliness and reliability of the supply of goods in various chain stores. Can buy the best clothing in the first time.

   The “Carnong Style” brand marketing team is committed to creating high-quality clothing with fashionable and fashionable styles, which will add brilliance to the charm of women from all walks of life! Add a look to the women's wardrobes! Add confidence to the lives of women from all walks of life!

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